About Our Bakery


Our Business

Pirillos Bakery started operating in 1930. It all started from our grandfathers house where he was baking bread at home and selling it in his neighborhood in Kiti. In the 1970s, the company started delivering bread in Larnaka with a small car to sell to the public.

After couple of years we opened on first factory in Kiti, Larnaka where clients could buy products they needed. Around 1998 the company opened it’s first department store in Kiti. The business started to expand so we started hiring people  and adding confectionery products.

Today we have 8 stores in the Larnaka area; in Kiti, Meneou, Kamares, Aradipou,  Agious Anargirous, two stores in Larnaka and in Oroklini. We believe in tradition and family because that’s how it all started.

We love feedback from our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely bring positive results and complete satisfaction.

Main Products

The main products of the business is bakery and pastry products, ice cream, sandwiches, salads and homemade food. The company Savvas M. PIRILLOS Ltd also distributes its bakery products to Supermarkets in the Larnaca district. The Pastry products, the ice cream, salads and homemade food are only sold in retail stores of the company.

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