We are all constructed out of our self dialogue

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The company Pirillos Bakery with its new innovation in catering, offers a new proposition for each of your event. Our experienced chefs will amaze you with unique recipes in a wide variety of Cyprus, Mediterranean and International flavors. The professionalism and expertise of our people ensures flawless and flexible response to your needs. Each event, which has the signature of Pirillos, offers its own color of success with really affordable prices.

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Our company takes the christening of your little child with consistency and reliability. You decide the subject and we execute your orders.

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Birthday Parties

Pirillos Bakery takes over the birthday party by creating unique birthday cakes, cupcakes cherries to your little guests, as well as catering of various dishes.

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For the most special day of your life, Pirillos Bakery undertake the creation and delivery of various dishes that you want to offer your guests. With the wide variety of treats and the wedding cake of your dreams, as well as supplying various sweet and savory dishes.

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